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Wifibroadcast RPI FPV images v0.3

December 9, 2015

The newest Wifibroadcast RPI FPV images are now available under

The changes are:

  • Support for 5GHz cards like CSL-300 and TP-LINK TL-WDN3200. The images automatically detect the type of WIFI card (2.4GHz or 5GHz) and configure them appropriately.
  • Fixes “Trouble injecting” bug. This occurred for some people on tx side, mostly on 5GHz hardware.


Special thanks to Alexandre, Kieran and André who made this release possible with their support!

Commands to execute on Raspberries for bringing v0.2 images up to date (instead of downloading v0.3, requires Internet access on Raspberries):

cd wifibroadcast
hg pull
make clean
cd wifibroadcast_fpv_scripts
hg pull

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  1. Pete permalink

    Wow speedy work. Will try and test it tonight.

    With regards to the 5GHz. Is there an adapter supported that allows and external antenna? Also
    With the dual band does use both or default to the 5Ghz word go?

  2. Rick permalink

    If you’re comfortable with soldering etc; a good instructional video to add two eternal antennas to the WDN3200:


  3. Kieran permalink

    Hi, thanks for the mention.
    I was wondering if you looked into Dynamic Frequency Selection for the 5ghz cards because I believe using a random channel could be illegal in the EU.

  4. Pete permalink

    I’ve been testing today and seam to get about 22ms delay. Not bad at all.

    So I need to make the change to a different wifi as I fly with 2.4Ghz.

    What is the recommended 5Ghz that’s going to be the best?

    I’ve a new quad frame coming tomorrow so platform for testing will be ready.

  5. chris permalink

    Are these images built from the bitbucket repo? Is there anything in the images that I wouldn’t get building directly from the bitbucket source?

    • Hi Chris

      Yes, they should be straigt from the repo. Inside the images you can check the file “/home/pi/rpi_wifibroadcast_image_builder_version.txt” that contains the exact revision and any local changes that were used to build the image.

  6. Şenol ALAN permalink


    Is there any way using Wifibroadcast with Python-Flask or streaming to web?

  7. Luca permalink

    Hi all,

    which is the range with the CSL-300 with standard antennas?

    • Pete permalink

      Hi Luca,

      I’ve not been able too range test yet. Hoping if the weather clears I can get some testing done and using my son and his electric scooter as the test item. I’ve both the TP Link 2.4 and CSL-300

    • Hi

      I tested the CSL-300 indoors and I got a range of 10m indoors with two thick brick walls in between. My guess would be that outdoors 100m should be possible. However, several people reported low range using these cards. So it seems that they are not perfect, at least for TX.

  8. Luca permalink

    Thank you

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