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Don’t buy Samsung Smartphones

January 30, 2022

TLDR: Bought a Samsung S21 5G, it broke 3 times within warranty time, Samsung gave up repairing it and leaves me with a broken 700€ phone.

Last year my old phone broke and I replaced it with the Samsung top model because I expected it to give me the least trouble. The opposite was the case.

After a month the camera started to shake on its own, even when sitting on a tripod. Clearly, this was a malfunctioning image stabilization.

Next, the mainboard had a fault and the phone crashed and rebooted every minute or so.

Samsung repaired the faults so I was okish with them. Still, I was left for weeks without a phone and they did not provide me a replacement device during that time.

The phone worked ok for a couple of months but then started to break in a quite hilarious way: The actual phone functionality broke. During calls my microphone stopped working after approximately one minute and at the other end you would here nothing but nasty digital noise.

So I did the usual: I sent the phone to Samsung to repair it, they sat on it for weeks and finally returned it together with a letter that said:

Sorry, we cannot repair your device because we do not have any replacement parts for it.

So, Samsung, are you saying: We, the manufacturer of the device, do not have any replacement parts for our top of the line product, which is still in production?

It is really hard for me to decide which is the worst. That their best phone model broke 3 times within a couple of months? That this is a well known problem and they are unwilling to acknowledge it? That they used the silliest possible excuse to avoid repairing it? That they leave me with a phone that cannot do any calls? That I bought a 700€ Phone and they just show me the finger and leave me with a broken device?

So, if you as a customer read this, I hope that your conclusion is the same as mine: Do not buy Smartphones from Samsung. Their quality is laughable, they are dishonest about this fact and they do not care at all about you as a customer.


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  1. Alex permalink

    Clearly the bad thing is failure to acknowledge and remedy. As for it breaking, even if everything is being done as well as possible now and again someone could get a dud and that could have been you. (On the other hand there could be major quality issues, I don’t know I don’t follow phones at all.)

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