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Contact me if you like under befinitiv at gmail dot com.

  1. Hi — very interested in wifibroadcast, for a specific application. I work with people who are hard of hearing. It’d be good to have a way to digitally encode the audio from a live event, and transmit it to their device (e.g., smartphone) in broadcast mode. As you say, regular wifi is not appropriate because there is unnecessary bidirectionality and error correction. I’d appreciate it if you’d contact me to discuss this.

    • Hi Tobias

      Yes, that sounds very much like another application where wifibroadcast could help. One downside of it is however the dependency on specific hardware. Wifibroadcast only works with some wifi chips. And I would suspect that the smartphone chips are not one of those.

      I ported the receiving side to android, however that required an external USB WIFI dongle and a patched android kernel to support that adapter. It is out of the question to do this to your customers phones I guess ,)

      • Would it be possible to have a repeater at the receiving side? Something that would receive video from the quad and retransmit it to the phone?

      • Yes, this has been done already by others. Take a look at the Android OSD (link on my wifibroadcast page) You can either use the OSD by forwarfing your data over wifi or by using the usb tether.

  2. Benoit permalink

    thank you for sharing all your experience. I have just order the stuff to try a setup. Have you an idea how OSD could be added ?

  3. lesto permalink

    is there a way to contact you directly? you can send me an email to the address used for this comment.

  4. just_different permalink

    Thanks for the Images… work pretty well.
    I try to get some modifications.. like 48fps.. 4500000blocks… and.. to split Stream with tee-Command and save to additional USB-Stick.. but donΒ΄t work at me
    also the Backlight option and horizon.. mode for CAM dont work…must be figure out what the prob is.

    Maybe you have some modified Image at TX side to do also. Seems 48fps get a clearer Stream..

    What about 5.8Ghz, do you have any expirience? (i.e. with Alfa AWUS051NH, or CSL 300M)

  5. Neill permalink

    I love your wifi broadcast project and want to say thanks for publishing all of this data and info

    I was also wondering if you knew if the wifibroadcast system was compatable with rocket m5 hardware? I have dual rocket m5s with cp antennas and want to give this system a try. Are there any changes I will have to make?

    Thanks for the help

    • Thanks! Concerning the m5 it depends on the chipset they use. Required is an injection mode with high injection rate as well as selectable air data rate. If you dont find this info on the net you might need to try it out with the actual hardware. If you know more please report back here πŸ™‚

  6. Wikus permalink

    I have been flying fpv for around 2 years now, and I love your idea for a cheap HD alternative!
    I am interested in using wifibroadcast for a long range stationary video link. In this case I can use high gain directional antennas on both sides. I was wondering what distance would be possible with a setup like this? I was also wondering if a broadcast can be relayed via more ‘stations’ for example: rpi transmitter – rpi reciever+rpi transmitter – rpi reciever ? Would this be possible or would the wifi transmitter interfere with the reciever in the middle?

    Thanks in advance

    • Going from 5dbi dipole at tx to a double biquad at rx I managed to get 3km range with perfect video quality. There was still room for more distance but my LOS was limited. If you use biquads on both sides or even dish antennas you should be able to reach quite far. Relay mode should also work if you use different channels. Some people here in the comments have tried that already.

      • Wikus permalink

        Thanks for the quick reply

        I’ll try it out and share my results

  7. adamweld permalink

    Hey, is there a way I can contact you via email to discuss some ideas? If so please send me an email. My gmail address is the same as my username. Thanks!

  8. tbyron permalink

    I’m trying to sort out the acceptance of wifibroadcast in the US. In researching, I’ve stumbled onto a reference to ACB mode, or 802.11p, in a Hackaday* discussion. Do you know if this is the same as injection & monitor mode on the adapters? If not, are you familiar with any differences that would be applicable here?

    *(The reference comes in the comments (see July 17, ’15) in a post originally about your work:

    • I would assume that most driver obey to the rules written in the regDB even if they are injecting packets. If that holds true and you are able to use wifibroadcast without tweaking the regDB it should be fine. But the assumption that the drivers obey could be totally wrong. Hope that helps a little bit.

  9. tbyron permalink

    Just realized I had a typo in my above reference, meant OCB. 802.11p…is that not the same or at least similar?

  10. i hope you will keep move on the dev of this great project!!

  11. Josiah permalink

    Could you possible make this work with an arduino as the transmitter instead of a pi?
    Then you would only need one pi!
    It would also make it lighter and less bulky.

  12. Oleg permalink

    Wifibroadcast RPi3 working on a usb wi-fi? TX Rpi3 TP-link722N, RX RPb +. No signal at the receiver.
    Your image does not start in RPi3.

  13. really really a nice article.
    I have to make some test for shure, but i whist to test teh tx using some different video sources, like an usb video capture device i recenlty tested in a “ground” enviroment πŸ˜€

    The hdmi capture card is recognized like /dev/video0 from v4l2 like a standard UVC webcam.
    Do you think could be binded to your enviroement to send video from an arbitrary video camera?



  14. lem permalink

    does it work with raspberry pi ZERO? 720p is sufficient if zero is slow

  15. tom permalink

    Hi, i’m from Aomway , and very interested in wifibroadcast too. we have some troubles with the HD TX , I would be grateful if u can give us some suggestions . may i have your email box that we can talk more details and cooperations . thank u ,wait your news .

    • hi tom

      unfortunately, i am not doing any type of commercial support but you might consider also taking a look at the documentation of forks of wbc: ez wbc, openhd and dronebridge. i hope that helps you with your problem.


  16. Ned B Smith permalink

    I have followed your manual wifibroadcast setup on 2 Raspberry PI’s using ALFA AWUS036NH ‘s with Atheros AR9271 chip sets. The blue lights are flashing so I assume it is working. Not sure how to view the video on RX Raspberry Pi 3B.

  17. Masood permalink

    Hell @Befinitiv I am running your program on ubuntu but there is two seconds delay in video. I have also copied your patched firware ht_9271.fw to /lib/firmware but data rate is still 1.0 Mbps according to radio tap header in wireshark. Is there any command i need to run with this firmware to enable 26 mbps.

  18. Hi, I emailed you about covering your Super8 project in the Raspberry Pi magazine. Hope you like the idea πŸ™‚

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