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Android 9 on a GSM phone from year 2000

June 24, 2021

This post shows a small nonsense project that “installs” Android onto a phone from the year 2000

This post is meant as an addition to the video presenting the device:

The items used in this project are:

To remove the watch interface from the smartwatch, you need to install the following two apps:

  • Nova launcher
  • Fluid navigation gestures (to add touch “Back”, “Home”, “Recent apps”) softbuttons

Since I needed to mount the display rotated by 90°, I had to permanently rotate the display contents. This can easily be done by ADB commands as decribed here.

Is it usable?

Sort of. Basically, everything that the average Android user uses works. It is sometimes a bit uncomfortable due to the screen size but together with text to speech it is even doable to write longer messages and such. If your main need is to have a phone but only do browsing and other things occasionally, this is quite a nice option. It definetely is very good at a particular thing: Reducing you smartphone usage 🙂

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