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Picture of my ground station and sample video of a weak link

May 5, 2015

In this post I’ll explain my ground station that receives and displays video data using wifibroadcast

My ground station

Let’s start with a picture:


Here you see my ground station. To the left you see my FPV glasses which contain a 7″ HDMI display and a fresnel lens. The enclosure is made out of foam and at the back a strap from ski-goggles is attached. Right next to the “helmet” you see a 3-cell battery that powers the system. On the right you find the Raspberry Pi A+ that has been integrated into a USB hub enclosure (there was enough room to keep the hub :). The Raspberry is powered by a cheap 5V DC/DC converter.

Sample video of a weak link

Following is a video where I have intentionally removed the antenna from the receiving wifi dongle. This shows some of the artifacts you could experience under bad signal conditions. I know, it looks really bad but remember: A lot of bad images and some good images is better than no images at all. And to get bad images like that with an antenna attached you really need a high distance or a solid block of the line of sight.

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  1. malkauns permalink

    Hi. How are you powering the raspberry Pi on your quad? I just blew mine using a 4S Lipo even though I used a 5V UBEC :(. The UBEC i was using is here:

  2. malkauns permalink

    I tested this with a multi-meter and it seems that the BEC is putting out the same as it gets in regardless of how the jumpers are set. No idea why!!

  3. cbl permalink

    I have a question about your goggles, I’m planning to build one too and found the display from pollin. But I calculated that in case of a 2x lense the focal distance would result in a very long
    lever hurting my neck. And in case of a lense with shorter focal distance it would result in a very large virtual screen in front of my nose. What lenses are you using and what is your viewing experience?

  4. Vlad permalink

    How can i run test video/signal or other source acros ./tx?

    sudo gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc pattern=smpte | sudo ./tx -b 8 -r 4 -f 1024 wlan0

    it does’t work(

    • If I understand your command correctly then this would send raw video data. The data rate of that is most likely to high for wifibroadcast. You would need to add a H264 compression element into the gstreamer pipeline.
      Another way would be to send previously recorded video data as a test pattern. There you could control the data rate using the “pv” tool.

  5. assfucking comcom

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