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Details about my flight setup and first tests of wifibroadcast in the air

April 7, 2015

This post describes my quad hardware including a (mostly) complete parts list. It also shows the results of the first test of my failsafe(r) wifibroadcast video transmission

The history of my quad

I spend my last weeks on finishing my quad to actually test the video transmission in the air. At first I thought this would be done with no hassle. I grabbed my good old Mikrokopter (built in the year 2007) and tried to fly it after sitting for 5 years in the attic. The result was horrible. The gyros were dead and the bearings of all four motors were damaged… so I repaired the motors, ordered a new flight control and noticed that the old brushless controllers were not capable of processing the high update rate required over PPM (previously they used I2C). So they also went into the bin. Long story short: Everything I kept were the 4 motors…

The new quad

So much has happened in the quad domain since 2007. I was really impressed. I just briefly got an overview on the electronics that are on the market today. So to all the quad-aficionados: Don’t be mad with me if I’ve bought not the most optimal part here and there 😉

Lets start with some photos:


Here you can see the whole device. It is constructed using a sandwich out of two 1mm carbon fiber plates. The motor rods are round 8mm carbon fiber pipes. The mountings for the motors have been made out of 10mm square aluminium pipes. The inner diameter of them is 8mm. Due to this the carbon fiber rods fit perfectly. With a bit of epoxy glue they are very well connected:


On the side of the chassis the rods are glued into some custom “spacers” which also hold the two carbon plates together:


The inside of the sandwich is packed full with electronics (so they are well protected in case of a crash):


Parts list

  • Motors: Robbe ROXXY 2824-34
  • Props: 9×4.7″
  • Flight controller: AfroFlight Naze32 rev. 5 running baseflight
  • Brushless controller: Hobbywing 4x Skywalker 25A
  • Battery: Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack
  • 5V DC/DC converter for raspberry PI supply: OKLT1W12NC 1A
  • Computer: Raspberry PI A+
  • Camera: Raspberry PI camera with wide angle lens option
  • Wifi card: ALFA AWUS036NHA
  • Base material: Carbon Fiber Sheet 1.0mm*300mm*150mm (cut in half)
  • Specs


  • Frame: 150g
  • Frame+Electronics+Motors+Props: 550g
  • Frame+Electronics+Motors+Props+Battery: 850g
  • Dimensions


    Sample of the live video stream

    Following is a video of my first FPV flight with the new quad. The video was recorded at the ground station (-> it is the live stream). The sun was already gone which explains the pale colors. Also, I did set the key-frame rate to 0.5s (safe is safe for the first flight). This also had some impacts on video quality. It was quite windy which caused the camera to shake a lot. I was still too afraid to let my quad of the leash flying FPV only. Therefore, the maximum distance I archived was around 100m. As soon as I’ve practiced a bit more I’ll do some real range tests.

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    1. malkauns permalink

      Any chance you can post some more videos? I’m especially interested in seeing the video degradation when going behind objects like trees, walls etc. Also if you can post pics/video of your ground station that would be great too! Thanks.

    2. Mikef permalink

      Great stuff! A couple of questions. Are you able to specify the adapters use of either 2.4 Ghz or 5.8 Ghz transmission/reception? I ask that because my own R/C transmitter is using 2.4 Ghz, so I would think better to put the video on 5.8 Ghz.

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